Free Reboot+ (valued at $34) with Your First Purchase of Select Packs

Prepare for optimal mental wellness! Amare has created Reboot+, the first and only 3-day scientific reboot program designed to reset your gut-brain axis and establish a healthy, clean foundation for your microbiome to thrive. Begin by resetting your system with Reboot+ and follow up with one of our packs for exceptional overall wellness!*

Price: $149.95 $211.00 $134.95
The World's First Award-Winning Gut-Brain Axis Nutrition System.

(1) MentaBiotics, (1) MentaFocus, and (1) MentaSync

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Price: $133.95 $0.00 $119.95
Combine EDGE, MentaBiotics, and Energy+ in one drink to elevate your mood, crush your to-do list, and enjoy every minute of the day!

Price: $144.95 $129.95 $129.95
The game changer that will transform your everyday life.

Price: $205.95 $304.00 $184.90
Comprehensive Nutrition for All Three Brains — Gut, Brain and Heart.

(1) MentaBiotics, (1) MentaFocus, (1) MentaSync, and (1) MentaHeart

Price: $155.95 $263.95 $139.95
Fuel your mental edge with all-natural products in our Mental Fitness Pack!

(1) Mood+, (1) Energy+, (1) Sleep+ and (1) Relief+

Price: $255.95 $475.00 $229.95
Synergistic, All-Natural Solutions for Mental Fitness and Gut-Brain Axis Support.

(1) MentaBiotics, (1) MentaFocus, (1) MentaSync, (1) Energy+, (1) Mood+, (1) Sleep+ and (1) Relief+

Price: $305.95 $436.95 $274.95
The modern "un-diet" solution to fuel a healthy lifestyle.
(2) GBX Protein, (1) GBX SuperFood, (1) SeedFiber, (1) VitaGBX (1) MentaBiotics, (1) MentaFocus, (1) MentaSync

Price: $95.95 $129.60 $85.95
Microbiome-boosting nutrition*.

(1) GBX Protein, (1) GBX SuperFood, (1) GBX SeedFiber

Price: $161.95 $0.00 $144.95
Comprehensive mind and body nutrition for growing kids and teens*

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Show them you mean business with this fully loaded Amare Entrepreneur Pack!

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Begin your wellness journey with the foundational products in this Amare Starter Pack!

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