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Quick start your path to health and success with Amare's Launch Pack.*

Includes: (2) MentaBiotics, (2) MentaFocus, (2) MentaSync, (2) MentaHeart, (2) Reboot+, (1) Energy+, (1) Mood+, (1) Sleep+, (1) Relief+, (1) GBX Protein—Vanilla, (1) GBX Protein—Chocolate, (1) GBX SuperFood, (1) GBX SeedFiber, (1) VitaGBX, (1) Probiotics, (1) Digestive, (1) OmMega, (1) Kids FundaMentals, (1) Kids VitaGBX and (1) Kids Mood+

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Launch Pack

Quick start your path to health and success with Amare's Launch Pack.*

Receive ALL of Amare’s innovative products + FREE training materials and 30 FREE SAMPLES (total pack savings $549.55) when you enroll with a Launch Pack, to help you begin your road to success!

Total Price: $1,608.00 $849.95 $1,608.00 $849.95
Amare’s Launch Pack Includes:

2x — Amare FundaMentals Pack® PLUS

Comprehensive Nutrition for All Three Brains — Gut, Brain and Heart*

Comprehensive nutrition for all three brains — the gut, brain and heart — the Amare FundaMentals Pack® PLUS is designed to target and support the primary physiological drivers of mental wellness.*

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The most comprehensive combination of unique strains of probiotics, prebiotics, and phytobiotics that have been scientifically shown to improve mental wellness.*

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Also Available In Sugar Free


Supercharge your brain with key phytonutrients clinically shown to support focus, mental sharpness, clarity, creativity and cognitive functioning.*

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Optimize the communication sync of chemical messengers between your brain and your gut with the clinically studied key ingredients in MentaSync.*

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The first product of its kind to support mental wellness through the heart-brain axis, MentaHeart features key ingredients backed by multiple clinical studies shown to help optimize the heart, the body’s third brain.*

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1x — Amare Kids Pack™

Comprehensive Mind and Body Nutrition for Growing Kids and Teens*

The best of the best. That’s what you get with Amare Kids Pack. The best gut-brain axis support. The best full-body vitamins. The best mood-boosting nutrition. The first all-natural formulation to empower your kid from head to toe so they can be their best — student, artist, athlete, servant leader — self.*

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Kids FundaMentals®

Kids FundaMentals is an all-in-one product that supports the entire gut-brain axis (GBX) of growing kids and teens. Featuring nutrients scientifically shown to improve mental wellness, this easy-to-digest formula is perfect for kids and teens of all ages.*

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Kids Mood+

Multiple scientific studies have shown the key ingredients in Kids Mood+ provide significant benefits for mood support, including stress resilience, cognitive performance, calmness, focus, and positivity. All in a delicious, easy-to-digest powder — perfect for kids and teens.*

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Kids VitaGBX™

Kids VitaGBX is a comprehensive multivitamin for kids and teens that combines more than 50 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients. Packed with pure nutrients kids and teens need as they grow and develop, our easy-to-digest tablets feature both our Bright Mind Proprietary Blend (for mind support) and Amare GBX+ Proprietary Blend (for gut-brain axis support) to empower a well-balanced body and mind. Features a delicious, fruity flavor — perfect for kids and teens of all ages.*

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1 Set of MentaTherapeutics™ + Bonus Reboot+

All-Natural Support Solutions for Energy, Mood, Pain and Sleep*

It can be hard to focus on much else when you’re dealing with pain, poor sleep, moodiness, or low energy. Amare’s MentaTherapeutics product line offers powerful, all-natural solutions to these problems so you don’t get derailed in your quest for better mental wellness.*

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2x — Reboot+

A synergistic blend of natural cleansing herbs and phytonutrients to assist the body’s own detoxification process — specifically formulated to reboot your gut-brain axis in three days.*

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A next-generation mental energy product that delivers rapid improvements in brain and physical performance, without the jitters or crash you might get from many high-stimulant or high-sugar energy drinks.*

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The key ingredients in Mood+ have multiple scientific studies that show significant benefits for mood support such as relief from anxious feelings, sadness, restlessness, and overall stress relief.*

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The key ingredients in Relief+ have been scientifically shown to balance normal inflammatory function and support antioxidant levels to provide fast-acting and long-lasting relief from occasional aches and pains.*

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The key ingredients in Sleep+ have multiple scientific studies that show significant benefits including helping you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and experience higher quality plus more rejuvenating sleep.*

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1 Set of MentaEssentials™

Pure & Potent Daily Essential Nutrients*

Comprehensive line of nutritional products designed to help support and maintain whole-body wellness. Promote healthier living every day with our purest daily dietary essentials and microbiome-boosting gut-brain axis foods.*

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VitaGBX is a premium multivitamin that combines more than 50 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients. It features both our Bright Mind Proprietary Blend (for mind support) and Amare GBX+ Proprietary Blend (for gut – brain axis support) to empower a well-balanced body and mind.*

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A high-potency, broad spectrum formulation of probiotics shown to support gut health, immune function, and normal inflammatory balance.*

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A comprehensive blend of digestive enzymes to support the process of digestion in the upper, middle and lower gastrointestinal system.*

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OmMega is a high-potency, ultra-pure marine oil concentrate that delivers high levels of the critical omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.*

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GBX SuperFood™

GBX SuperFood™ provides the phytonutrient equivalent of three servings of fruits and vegetables per scoop. This phytobiotic-rich blend delivers cellular level anti-stress benefits and helps protect cells from a variety of different stressors, helping the brain and gut run at peak efficiency.*

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GBX SeedFiber™

GBX SeedFiber™ is the next-generation approach to optimizing the gut-brain axis. This phytobiotic-rich formula contains seeds as sources of natural microbiome-boosting fibers, helping you feel fuller, longer. Featuring a cultured mushroom mycelia extract to support microRNA signaling between the microbiome and central nervous system, this unique blend helps manage feelings of stress, tension, and anxiety.*

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2x — GBX Protein™: (1) Vanilla, (1) Chocolate

GBX Protein™ delivers 17 grams of pure plant protein. This unique chickpea, brown rice, and pea protein blend nourishes good bacteria in the gut and improves microbiome balance, while controlling appetite and supporting muscle mass. Fully-loaded with only functional ingredients, this potent formula supports the gut microbiome, helping fuel a healthy lifestyle.*

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Features & Benefits

Start your path to health & success

Make a difference

Achieve overall wellness

Promotes a healthy gut*

Boost in cognitive function and clarity*

Connects the gut and brain to enhance the communication between both brains*

Ingredients shown to improve mood and reduce tension in human clinical trials*

Supports the growth and vitality of a range of beneficial gut bacteria*

Improves psychological vigor (physical energy, mental acuity, and emotional well-being)*

Balances body and mind via key nutrients often not consumed in your daily meals*

Promotes healthy cardiovascular, nervous, and immune function*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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