Chase Willardson

Vice President of Global Field Development

Chase Willardson is the Vice President of Global Field Development at Amare Global, where he leads strategic initiatives across promotions, programs, training, events, recognition, and sales tools.

Chase's deep commitment to fostering growth and operational excellence is evident in his innovative strategies. He focuses on enhancing the effectiveness and reach of Amare's global sales teams, implementing field programs, promotions, and tools that motivate and inspire. His approach ensures alignment with Amare's core values of love, integrity, innovation, service, and humility, inspiring others with his forward-thinking strategies. Prior to his tenure at Amare, Chase honed his expertise in sales and marketing within the CPG industry. He then spent a decade in various direct sales companies, where he crafted field development initiatives pivotal to generating hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental growth.

He resides in Boise, Idaho, with his wife Shannon and their three children. An avid hiker and traveler, Chase cherishes creating powerful memories with his family, continually inspired by the landscapes and experiences around them.